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For over 25 years we have — and always will — adhere to these principles:

Getting the best deal is every consumer’s goal.

However, low prices usually mean the contractor has cut some corners on quality. Make sure the contractor you hire complies with our free "Consumer Guide to Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Painting Contractor."

If you want your painting done on time, without hassle, and for the price quoted...

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We only had 7 days between our closing date and our move in date and we wanted to get the entire inside of the house painted and have all the hardwood floors sanded.

Jim arranged to have 6 of his crew at our house an hour after the closing to do the prep work in all the rooms. Then he had his crew back four days later after the floors were done and dry to paint all 8 rooms. They were done in two days and we moved in on time. When Jim says he can accommodate your schedule -- he means it!

-- Denise and Mike Jeffries

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