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Epoxy Floors

Star Painting provides unmatched quality for all epoxy flooring including epoxy garage floors, epoxy seamless floors, epoxy industrial floors and epoxy warehouse floors.

We cater to all markets including Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Laboratories, and Warehouse Distribution for complete epoxy flooring solutions that is second to none.

Why Epoxy?

Download our brochureWhy should you consider an epoxy flooring system? In addition to being beautiful, our flooring systems are exceptionally functional.

Unprotected concrete floors will wear, be stained by oils and fluids, and can be damaged by the corrosive effects of cleaners and commercial chemicals. Painting is a temporary, cosmetic “fix,” at best.

An epoxy flooring system will protect concrete from wear because the flooring systems are harder and more durable than concrete.

Our epoxy coatings are so dense — 100% solids — oils and fluids cannot penetrate the surface to soak in and cause staining. In addition, they are impervious to the corrosive effects of acids and harsh chemicals.

The Process

Proper floor preparation is a crucial part of our process. We begin by diamond grinding the surface to open the pores of the concrete and to remove any residual fluid contaminants.

The concrete surface is then swept clean and vacuumed. All joints are caulked and a special primer is applied and allowed to cure for up to 24 hours.

The primer starts the process of chemical and mechanical bonding that gives our flooring systems their unsurpassed toughness, chemical resistance and durability.

The epoxy and the urethane coatings are applied within a 24-hour period. The surface usually can receive light foot traffic 12 to 24 hours after the final coat, heavy items in 24 hours and fully cured in 7 days.

Coating Solutions

Epoxy Floors has a number of epoxy coating solutions for all markets including:

  • 100% Solids Epoxy
  • Epoxy/ Urethane
  • Decorative Vinyl Flake System
  • Decorative Quartz System
  • Chemical Resistant Novolac System
  • Anti-Slip Surfaces
  • Concrete Stains

Markets Served

We cater to all markets including:

  • Residential
    • Garages, Basements, Pool Decks, Patios.
  • Commercial
    • Kitchens, Automobile, Animal Facilities, Restaurants, Retail
  • Institutional
    • Hospitals, Schools
  • Industrial / Manufacturing
    • Electronics, Metal Fabricating, Printing, Heavy Equipment, Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical / Laboratories
    • Soap/Cosmetics, Medical — FDA, Testing Facilities, Containment Areas
  • Warehouse / Distribution
    • Packaging/ Shipping, Public Storage, Food/ Grocery